Stick with Mary
Meet Mary Reynolds

I am a decorative and functional artist, illustrator, painter, and found object collector. I create drawings of animals and how they interact with our world, These charming creatures are talented, self-assured, a bit edgy and they know who is in charge. They are quirky and colorful and often suggest a dreamlike state where the animal is depicted in our environment imagining a visit to a museum or day at the beach. Each drawing tells a story of a unique personality.
I also love to draw destinations, vacations spots and interesting ways to get there like camper trailers and vintage farm trucks.

Each trailer drawing is from a real trailer model. They are decorated and re-imagined as I would like to see them puttering down the highway.

Each piece begins with an original image drawn in pencil and then refined in ink. Drawings are scanned and digitally corrected and adjusted before adding color. They are reproduced as prints, cards and limited editions prints which I mat or frame in my studio. Pendants and magnets are made to my specifications right here in the USA.

And if that isn't enough to stay busy, I am a hopeless collector of found and vintage objects that end up in assemblages and collages. Check out my Assemblages page to see what I have been up to lately.