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Cast off drawers, boxes, boards and random objects transform from an old life to a new purpose becoming cabinets, shelves and decorative sculptures. They are embellished with architectural fragments, metal, buttons, paper, natural elements and quirky found objects.  In this fun process, I get to guide a heap of materials through a transition, reshaping them into a new way of being. Individual parts were languishing on the curb, hidden in a junk drawer or calling my name at flea markets and estate sales.

The combined elements join together to form a collective shape that allows it to look different and be seen in a new way. They can slip into new environments and be allowed into new realms where there may not have been a place for them before. 
The box and the drawer are fascinating to me because they have an interior, an empty space, a void in which anything can be placed or nothing can be placed thereby making anything possible. Through the art of becoming something new, they allow the owner to see them in their own way. Fill them with treasures or just appreciate the empty space.